Welcome to The Tribe

Have you ever struggled? Felt alone? Let’s be honest we all have struggles and even though we are surround by people, we feel alone. We feel like something is missing, there has to be more! As women we tend to create an image that we have it all together, because we are Christians and we should. Right? We create this image of being super-women to hide the broken pieces of our lives.

Well it is time to find out who we are and who we belong too! It’s time to take back our identity from the enemy, so we can be the women of influence our Father has called us to be.

Welcome to the Honest Prayer Tribe!

We are here to empower, inspire and encourage you to find your purpose through honest prayers. What is honest prayers? It’s being honest with ourselves, we need God! it’s about being honest with God and pouring ourselves out. We are in a never ending journey of learning, growing and finding purpose. Everything we have gone through in our lives, all our pain, struggles and trials has been preparation.

It took Queen Esther a whole year to prepare for one night of favor with the King. We are the Esther’s of our generation, but the awesome part is, we have eternal favor with the King of Kings! You are called (Matthew 22:4)! You are chosen (Deut. 7:6)! You are His masterpiece (Eph. 2:10)! You are His crown of glory (Isaiah 62:3), made for such a time as this (Esther 4:14)!

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