In Search of Rare Pearls

So many times, in our life we are in search of rare pearls, seeking the riches of this world, to make more money, to get ahead, that we are not pursing the things that really matter. “Heaven’s kingdom realm is also like a jewel merchant in search of rare pearls. When he discovered one very … Continue reading In Search of Rare Pearls

Remembering the Cost of Freedom

Like many of Americans across this great nation we remember and consider the Fourth of July and what it represents: our freedom as a nation. This freedom is precious, bought with the sweat, and blood of countless Americans who fought and prevailed, as well as those who have fought to secure it. The very freedom … Continue reading Remembering the Cost of Freedom

The Coming of the Kingdom

“When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day. In those days, the people enjoyed banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat and the flood came and destroyed them all. “And the world will be as it was in the days of … Continue reading The Coming of the Kingdom

Two Ways New Age Is Infiltrating The Church

It has been over a month in waiting to write this blog post. The reason is that dealing in truth is hard. The Lord has revealed so much truth to me but how much of it do I share? Leading up to writing this post I realize its not my job to expose people or … Continue reading Two Ways New Age Is Infiltrating The Church

Four Common New Age Teachings

My last several posts have been based off my friend Letty’s testimony from New Age to Jesus. We have learned about what New Age is all about, the so called “Secret” and about the “Law of Attraction”. Today we will be learning about common New Age teachings. I know I am taking a lot of … Continue reading Four Common New Age Teachings

Three Sneaky Ways of New Age Teachings

On my last blog post, I talked about Letty’s testimony, as well as, what “New Age” is all about. We learned that “New Age” practices are a direct gateway to the devil. He wants to keep us from our purpose, our calling and from the best that God has planned for us. This week, we … Continue reading Three Sneaky Ways of New Age Teachings

New Age To Jesus, Part 1

Recently I was able to witness my good friend, Letty McCardle, give her testimony, titled from “New Age to Jesus”. First of all, she have an awesome testimony that gives glory to God. Second, she gave a very good presentation that explained what New Age is all about. One thing she said, that stuck in … Continue reading New Age To Jesus, Part 1

Three Ways To Find God Through Your Mess

    Sometimes life can be a big fat mess! I woke up today looked around and just thought I am a mess! My life is a mess! Then I had an overwhelming sense of not having it together. I have failed once again! Sometimes, it’s too much, when I think of all I have … Continue reading Three Ways To Find God Through Your Mess

Seven Scriptures to Pray When You Are Frustrated

Lord, I am so frustrated right now. Everything is overwhelming and falling apart. I am waiting and yet I am getting tired. How much longer to I have to wait? How much more do I have to endure before I get what you promised? My job, my bills, my household, my life feels out of … Continue reading Seven Scriptures to Pray When You Are Frustrated