Three Steps To Finding Your Purpose

What’s my purpose? I have been hearing a lot recently about finding your purpose. We all have a purpose in this life, but what is it? Several years ago, I asked myself the same question. I prayed and pleaded, Lord I know there is more, what is my purpose? I knew there was something great … Continue reading Three Steps To Finding Your Purpose

Two Ways To Prepare For Spiritual Battle

Hey Everyone! Today I want to talk about spiritual battle. If you are a Christian at some point you have gone through this, or maybe you are going through this now. I want to let you know you already have the victory. Going through the process of trials can be hard but we need to remember … Continue reading Two Ways To Prepare For Spiritual Battle

Preparing For The Shift

I just want to start off by saying God is awesome and always confirms his word. A couple of months ago the Holy Spirit inspired me to write this prayer. The Lord has been preparing me for a shift, to move to the next level. The Lord confirmed His word for me today at church. … Continue reading Preparing For The Shift

Is There More

So today I want to share a prayer I wrote for my book "Honest Prayers From The Thirty-Something Woman". There are times we go through the motions of life and miss out on the little things. For over a year I have been asking the Lord is there more? I struggle at times to make it … Continue reading Is There More