New Age To Jesus, Part 1

Recently I was able to witness my good friend, Letty McCardle, give her testimony, titled from “New Age to Jesus”. First of all, she have an awesome testimony that gives glory to God. Second, she gave a very good presentation that explained what New Age is all about. One thing she said, that stuck in the back of my mind, is that “New Age” has crept into Christian churches. How is that and what does that exactly mean? The more I thought about it, the more God started to reveal certain things to me. Even I, being a strong woman in Christ, have been deceived by New Age tactics.

Letty was gracious enough to let me use her Testimony to write this blog. This will be a three-part series on New Age, what it’s all about, common practices, The Secret, the law of attraction, New age teachings, how Christians are being deceived and how to recognize and overcome New Age tactics.

What Is New Age?

What exactly is New Age? New Age is an assortment of pagan beliefs and practices. In short, the word pagan means any religion that is not Christ-centered. The Pagan beliefs are a mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, Mysticism, and The Occult (magic, supernatural, astrology, claiming secret or supernatural powers).

John Ramirez talks about New Age in His Book “Unmasking the Devil”.

“How the devil has stolen the minds of those who practice this occult. He has brainwashed them into worshipping everything and anything that has been created and to believe in it with a counterfeit faith. What keeps them away from the truth? Why would they want to worship created things when they can worship the Creator who created those things? They have been hit by a delusional and delirious spirit, to think that putting their faith in created things and nature will get them to Heaven.”

“There is a demonic book out there that speaks half-truths (which is no truths at all). You can feel the demons jump off the pages when reading this book. Through these writings these demons can steal your identity and destiny. Here is an example from the book entitled The Secret. This is a book based on the Law of Attraction, which is said to determine the complete order of the universe and of our personal lives through the process of “like attracts like”.

“Proponents of this “law” claim that simply changing one’s thoughts and feelings can attract desirable outcomes such as health, wealth and happiness.”

 We will be talking more about the book “The Secret” and about the Law of Attraction, in part two of this blog series.

New Age Practices

Letty, points out that, the New Age Movement includes practices such as: chakra balancing, crystal healing, Reiki, Astrology, Mediation, Yoga, tarot and oracle card readings and so forth.

Letty says “I practiced and studied an array of New Age modalities for over 10 years.  It is widely considered that practices such as yoga and meditation by themselves are harmless and even helpful and for a time they do make the practitioner feel good. However, New Age is a counterfeit philosophy which means that it is a flawed copy of God’s law or word.

“New age teachings promise a greater understanding of yourself and an ultimate power over your life and outside forces.  The “good feeling” effect eventually wares off which leads the practitioner on a constant search for a new and different practice for that spiritual high. I have no doubt that the enemy has his hand on all aspects of NA.  He entices with a cool sounding practice then takes one into a deeper spiral toward the pit of hell.”

Therefore, all New Age practices are actually a direct gateway to our enemy, the devil. The enemy wants to keep us from our purpose, our calling and from God’s best. He wants to kill, steal and destroy you and will spare no expense. This might sound drastic but it is true. It’s about time for the body of Christ to stop being blinded to the devices and tactics of the enemy. We need to wake up, stop being spiritually lazy, and recognize the New Age tactics that are creeping in our lives and our churches.

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