Four Keys To Get You Though A Bad Mood

As anyone been in a bad mood lately? Yes, I am raising my hand! I know for those who know me, that is probably shocking!! I am usually a happy person. Well, recently I have been battling some gallbladder pain and nausea, so I have been in a bad mood. I admit I have been a little snippy and short tempered. Hello is it just me? Even though it has been a rough week, I am determined that today is a new day! Here are some keys that have helped me through.

4 keys to get you through a bad mood:

1.Proclaiming His promises-

I proclaim health, joy that is overflowing, peace that is beyond measure and strength to get me through.

2.Praise and worship-

It is in my time of trials that I love to just worship Him. Praise Him for all the good His has done in your life.

3.Knowing I have already won-

No what matter the outcome is, waiting on doctor reports and going through trials. I already have the victory.

4.Taking time

Spending time with my Heavenly Father always makes me feel good and encouraged.

So, no matter what you are facing today (even a bad mood!). God has you covered! You already have the victory!

Father, help me get through these tough times. You said to pray about everything so I put my bad mood in Your hands. Fill me with joy that is overflowing, give me comfort and peace. Let me shine your goodness today!


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